भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः ५४ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #54)

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अत्र भाषितसंस्कृतं २०२१ (Spoken Sanskrit  2021) इत्यस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणानि |

शिक्षकः सूर्यनारायण-महोदयः |

Here you will get the Audio and Video files for our Spoken Sanskrit class for those in class 54.

L1- AbhyAsa Pustakam(By Suryanarayana Mahodaya)[edit source | hide | hide all]

Audio and Video Recordings of the Class

वर्गस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणम्‌ (सूर्यनारायण-महोदयेन चालितवर्गः)

Link to पृष्ठसंख्या / गृहपाठः / टिप्पणी

(Book page number/homework/notes)

Link to Slides(करपत्रम्) Reference Videos
001-Mama Nama-BhavtyaH-BhavataH-06052021-Audio📞 AbhyAsapustakam pages 1-3 AbhyAsapustakam pages 1-3 saakshat samskruta sambhashana vargaH-1


AbhyAsapustakam pages 4 AbhyAsapustakam pages 4 Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-2


AbhyAsapustakam pages 5-6 AbhyAsapustakam pages 5-6 Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-3
Abhyasapustakam page -6 Abhyasapustakam page -6 Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-4


Abhyasapustakam page -9 Will be updated Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-5
006-Sambodhanam-Shashti Vibhakti-11072021-Video🎥

006-Sambodhanam-Shashti Vibhakti-11072021-Audio 📞

Abhyasapustakam page- 12 Will be updated Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-6


Abhyasapustakam page- 13 Will be updated Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-7
008-LoT lakAr-Samkhya-SamayaH-25072021-Video🎥

008-LoT lakAr-Samkhya-SamayaH-25072021-Audio📞

Abhyasapustakam page- 14 Slides Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-8
009-Saptami Vibhakti-01082021-Video🎥

009-Saptami Vibhakti-01082021-Audio📞

Slides Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-9
010-द्वितीया विभक्ति: पुरत: पृष्टत:, वामत: दक्षिणत: उपरी अध: बहि: अन्त:-Video-08082021🎥

010-द्वितीया विभक्ति: पुरत: पृष्टत:, वामत: दक्षिणत: उपरी अध: बहि: अन्त:-Audio-08082021📞

Slides Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-10
011-भूतकाल, क्तवतु प्रत्य्य: ,त: प्रयोग:, (पन्चमि विभक्ति:)। - Video-15082021🎥

011-भूतकाल, क्तवतु प्रत्य्य: ,त: प्रयोग:, (पन्चमि विभक्ति:)। - Audio-15082021📞

Slides 7 Kakaaras Song

Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-11

012-Bootha Kala-Bhvishyat Kala-29082021-Video🎥

012-Bootha Kala-Bhvishyat Kala-29082021-Audio📞

Slides Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-12


NA Saakshat samskruta sambhashana VargaH-13
Audio and Video not recorded due to a tech issue
Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-14


Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-15


Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-16


Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-17


Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-18


Slides Saakshat Samskruta sambashana VargaH-19
019-Final Abhyasapustakam-17102021-Video🎥

019-Final Abhyasapustakam-17102021-Audio📞

Abhyasapustakam Done. Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-20


Special Revision of Vibhakthis Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-21


Special Revision of Vibhakthis Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-22


Special Revision of Vibhakthis Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-23
023-Vibhakthi-Revision-Part-4-14112021-Video🎥023-Vibhakthi-Revision-Part-4-14112021-Audio📞 Special Revision of Vibhakthis Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-24
022-Vibhakthi-Revision-Part-5-21112021-Video🎥022-Vibhakthi-Revision-Part-3-21112021-Audio📞 Special Revision of Vibhakthis Slides Saakshat Samskruta Sambashana VargaH-25

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Below given are some books, Apps and Website references which will enhance your Sanskrit Knowledge beyond the topics being thought in classes and also helps in concept building
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for Buying

Usage Name App Link(Google Play store)/Website Link App Link(Apple store)/Website Link Usage
All Books Link You can buy all books Published by Samskruta Bharathi Ahtadyayi App Ashtadyayi.com Ashtadyayi.com
Abhyasapustakam Link This is our course Study Material Sanskrit Dhatu 360 App Link Link
Shabda Manjari Will be Updated Namapadani-VibhaktiH are there so sentence formation becomes easier
Dhathuroopa Manjari Will be Updated Moola shabdasya vivaranam(Base words of all the kriyapadas)
ChitrmayaH PadakoshaH Link

This is a Pictorial Dictionary of Sanskrit[edit source | hide]

Vibhakthi Vallari Link This is the book for Vibhakthi Learning after

Spoken Sanskrit is done .


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