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NB To go to the next pages of this site, just scroll up to the top left corner of this page, and you'll see all the sections listed there. Those sections which are expandable have arrows next to them; clicking on the arrow expands the section to show the chapters it contains. Clicking on any one will get you to that page. To begin with the next section, click on धातुगण-परिचयः. Enjoy!</big>
<font face="Liberation Serif, serif" size="4"> </font><p><font size="4"><font face="Liberation Serif, serif">धेयम्‌-- If you would like to receive notification via email whenever a new page (new lesson) gets added to our site, <a href="[;loc=en_US" target="_blank">click here</a>] and fill in your email address. New lessons are added every few weeks.</font> <br> </font></p><p><font size="4">Also we have multiple classes conducted via conference call, on the subjects of Paniniiya Vyakaranam, Nyaya shastram, and also a bhAShA-varga for those wanting to refine their language skills. All classes are free, and people can join from anywhere in the world via local phone call or internet, whichever is more convenient. For class schedules and connect info, <a[[16 href="" target="_blank">जालस्थानस्य समाचारः|click here</a> . ]]<br> </font></p><p><p><font size="4">To join a class, or for any questions feel free to contact Swarup <a href="">&lt;;</a>.</p>
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