13 - पाणिनीयव्याकरणम्‌ 2023

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अत्र 2023 इत्यारभ्य वर्गाणां पाणिनीयव्याकरणसम्बद्धध्वनिमुद्रणानि लभ्यन्ते |

There are different sessions of these classes. Each meets once per week for 90 minutes. All classes are recorded, and these recordings can be accessed and listened to via the links given along side of this very web-page. Kindly see the various pages below--one for each teacher.

प्रमुखसूत्रचिन्तनवर्गः २०२३

शुकवनमहोदयेन चालितवर्गः