13 - बालवर्गः

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Welcome to Spoken Sanskrit for bAlavargaH! This class is specially designed for kids of age 9 to 13 who do not speak any of the modern Indian languages or who speak some modern Indian language like Hindi, Marathi, Kannada etc and have some familiarity with the sounds used in Sanskrit but not much much of the vocabulary; for such students these classes are designed in a different way. We have designed the course to start from the very, very beginning with the alphabet, the sounds, and the basic fundamental vocabulary as used in our ancient scriptures so that they become familiar with the words and will take interest to study them on their own as well. So, welcome to Spoken Sanskrit!

There are seven classes, all covering the same material, and occurring at different timings. Please join the timing the works best for you. You are welcome to join more than one session per week, or indeed to attend all sessions if you like! Indeed we encourage attending more than one session per week for added practice. Each class is recorded, and the recordings (audio and/or video) are available for listening/watching below.









Session 01: Sun 07:30 AM EST (USA); Sun 05:00 PM IST (INDIA) Mrinaalini Bhagini [Listen to the classes]
Session 02: Sun 09.30 AM EST (USA); Sun 07.00 PM IST (INDIA) Chandrasekar Mahodaya [Listen to the classes]
Session 04: Tue 10:30 AM EST (USA); Tue 08:00 PM IST (INDIA) Usha Bhagini [Listen to the classes]
Session 05: Thu 09:30 AM EST (USA); Thu 07:00 PM IST (INDIA) Pragati Bhagini [Listen to the classes]