Spoken Sanskrit Session 01 (Non-Indian Language Speakers)

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posted Feb 13, 2020, 9:26 AM by Swarup Bhai   [ updated Sep 19, 2020, 10:09 AM by Sanjeev Majalikar ]

Here you will find the recordings for our Spoken Sanskrit class, Session 01. Teacher: Sanjeev Majalikar

Time: Saturdays 6:30 AM-8 AM USA Eastern Time Dial in: Freeconferencecall Meeting ID: sanskrit35 USA: (425) 436-6200 India: 0172 510 0948 Access Code: 563991

Lesson Plan                                                                                                                                                        Using the Online Sanskrit Dictionaries Video

Instructions to download the slides                                                                                                                Sanskrit Grammar Overview Special Class Video

Link to the Presentation Slides                                                                                                                         Grammar Overview Slide Set

032: Miscellaneous words yatra,tatra etc.-2020-09-19  Audio   Video Final Class
031: Numbers, Clock-2020-09-12  Audio   Video
030: ktvA and lyap-2020-09-05  Audio   Video
029: Past Tense and ktvA-2020-08-29  Audio   Video
028: shIghraM, mandaM, kathaM-2020-08-22  Audio   Video
027: Verbs in Past Tense-2020-08-15  Audio   Video
026: Fourth,Fifth Case Ending-Adya_days-2020-08-08  Audio   Video
025: Third Case Ending/n changing to Na-2020-08-01  Audio   Video
024: Imperative Mood and Relationships-2020-07-25  Audio   Video
023: Overview of All Case Endings-2020-07-18  Audio   Video
022: Second Case Ending Pronouns-2020-07-11  Audio   Video
021: Sixth Case Ending Pronouns-2020-07-04  Audio   Video
020: Sixth Case Ending Practice-2020-06-27  Audio   Video
019: Sixth Case Ending Nouns Continued-2020-06-20  Audio   Video
018: Sixth Case Ending Nouns Continued-2020-06-13  Audio   Video
017: Simple Verbs-2020-06-06  Audio   Video
016: Simple Verbs and Sixth Case Ending Nouns-2020-05-30  Audio   Video
015: Sentence Structure-2020-05-23  Audio   Video
014: अत्र तत्र atra tatra-2020-05-16  Audio   Video
013: Nouns Practice-4-2020-05-09  Audio   Video
012: Nouns Practice-3-2020-05-02  Audio   Video Link to the online homework
011: Nouns Practice-2-2020-04-25  Audio   Video Link to the online homework
010: Nouns Practice-1-2020-04-18  Audio   Video
009: Introduction to Nouns-2020-04-11  Audio   Video
008: Conjunct Letters Reading Practice-2020-04-04  Audio   Video
007: Conjunct Letters-2020-03-28  Audio   Video
006: Anusvara Visarga-2020-03-21  Audio  Video
005: Compound Letters-2020-03-14  Audio   Video
004: Consonants-All-2020-03-07  Audio  Video
003: Consonants-Guttural-Cerebral-2020-02-29  Audio   Video
002: All the Vowels 2020-02-22  Audio   Video Download Devanagari Practice Workbook-1
001: Introduction and Base Vowels 2020-02-15  Audio  Video Link to the online homework