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08---vargasya-dhvanimudraNAni-karapatrANi-ca/12---nyAya shAstram/nyAya shAstram Cintanam
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4 March 2022

8 February 2022

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  • curprev 17:0317:03, 8 February 2022Vidhya talk contribs 76,185 bytes +76,185 Created page with " <big>Here below are the recordings from the Monday evening cintanam sessions led by Raksha Bhagini through 6/25/18; starting 7/2/18, by Jayanti Bhagini; and starting 5/13/2019, by Akhila Bhagini. Starting 8/5/19, Vidhya Bhagini is teaching, and starting 9/1/2019 Vidyashankar Mahodaya is teaching.</big> '''<big>विद्याधरी-चिन्तनम्‌</big>''' {| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" !<u><big>'''वर्गस्य ध्व..." Tag: Visual edit