भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः १६ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #16)

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अत्र भाषितसंस्कृतं २०१९ (Spoken Sanskrit  2019) इत्यस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणानि | शिक्षिका सुमित्रा-भगिनी | Here you will get the sound files for our Spoken Sanskrit class for those in class 16.

वर्गस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणम्‌ (सुमित्रा-भगिन्या चालितवर्गः)                                          Link to slides (or करपत्रम्‌ / पृष्ठसंख्या / गृहपाठः / टिप्पणी / book page number/homework/notes)

Level 2 - Vibhakti Vallari

Lessons and Link of Audio & Video Homework
01_Vibhakti_Vallari_dwiteeya_Vibhakti_2020-09-22 Audio Link Page 1
02_Vibhakti_Vallari_dwiteeya_Vibhakti_2020_09_29 Audio Link Page 2 to 6
03_Vibhakti_Vallari_Dwiteeyaa_Vibhakti_2020-10-06 Audio Link Page 6 to 12
04_Vibhakti_Vallari_Dwiteeyaa_Completed_2020-10-13 Audio Link Page 13 to 17
05_Vibhakti_Vallari_Truteeyaa_2020_10_20 Audio Link Revise dweeteyaa and truteeyaa rules

page 18 to20 shabda to be recited in the next class for practice

06_Vibhakti_Vallari_Truteeya_2020-10-20 Audio Link Memorize the rules for third case or Truteeya vibhakti
07_Vibhakti_Vallari_Truteeya_2020-10-27 Audio Link Memorize the rules for third case or Truteeya vibhakti
No Class
08_Vibhakti_Vallari_Truteeya_Completed_2020-11-10 Audio Link Memorize the rules for third case or Truteeya vibhakti

Level 1 - Abhyasapustakam (Completed)     

Lessons and Link of Audio & Video Homework
001_mamanaama_2020-03-04.mp3 abhyasapustakam page 1 to 3
002 mama naama esha saha_2020-03-11 audiolink videolink abhyasapustakam page 1 to 4 Homework  : page no 1 & 1.2 a, A, i, I
003 swarayukta & samyukta vyanjanani and word practice abhyasapustakam 1.2 u, U,1.3, 1.4 and dictation words to be written
004 Self Introduction_ abhyasapurstakam 1.5 1.6 Audio Link VideoLink abhyasapustakam 1.5 1.6 a, A and dictation words
005 Bhavan_Bhavati_etasys tasya 1.7 1.8  Audio Link Video Link abhyasapustakam 1.7 & 1.8 , Dictation words. Practice making sentences
006 Samyukta_vyanjanani_Shashtivibhakti 1.9 Audio Link Video Link 1. abhyasapustakam 1.9 Find out pada and write anta, linga 2. conjunct simple words to be pronounced and sent, 3. divide each akshara of those and write and send
007_PulingapadAni_KriyapadAni_laghukatha 2.1 to 2.3 Audio Link Video Link 1. abhyasapustakam 2.1 A, 2.2

2. Send the verse learnt as an audio 3. Picture practice of all Genders in the method taught4. Practice Avashyakam, mAstu, paryAptam in regular sentences.

008_Abhyasapustakam_2.3_2.4_kim_kimartham_kutra Audio Link Video Link 1. abhyAsapustakam 2.3, 2.4. Practice Genders, vachanams3. kim, kutra, kimartham in regular sentences    
009_Abhyasapustakam_2.4_3.1_Vibhaktis_2020-04-29 Audio Link Video Link 1. abhyAsapustakam 2.4, 3.1

2. PrathamA, dwitEya, tritEya Vibhakti form for the given pratipadikams.

010_Students_Revisionteaching_samaya:_2020_05_06 Audio Link 1. Abhyasapustakam 3.2 to 4.2 i Homework
011_bahuvacanam_shabda_karaka_2020-05-13 Audio link Video link 1. Abhyasapustakam 4.2 I to 4.2 U

2. Abhyasapustakam 4.3 a, A

012_Abhyasapustakam_4.3_4.4_4.5_2020_05_20 Audio link Video link 1. Abhyasapustakam 4.3 to 4.5
013_Abhyasapustakam_5.1_to_5.4_2020_05_27 Audio link Video link 1. Abhyasapustakam 5.1 to 5.4 (Homework)
014_Abhyasapustakam_5.2_to_7.2_2020_06_03 Audio link 1. Abhyasapustakam 5.2 to 7.2

2. Revise all the lessons

3. Practise shabdas

015_Abhyasapustakam_8.1_to_10.1 A_2020-06-10 Audio Link 1. Abhyasapustakam 8.1 to 10.1A
016_Sambhashanam_10.1_to_11.1_2020_06_17 Audio Link 1. Abhyasapustakam 10.1 to 11.1
017_Abhyasapustakam_11.2_to_11.3_2020_06_30 Audio Link 1. Abhyasapustakam 11.2 Practice

2. 11.3a vartamAna to BhUtakAla 3. 11.3 A to 11.3I

018_Abhyasapustakam_22_07_2020 Audio Link
019_Abhyasapustakam_29_07_2020 Audio Link
020_Abhyasapustakam_05_08_2020 Audio Link
021_Abhyasapustakam_12_08_2020 Audio Link


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