भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः २३ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #23)

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अत्र भाषितसंस्कृतं २०१९ (Spoken Sanskrit  2019) इत्यस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणानि | शिक्षकः बुद्धदेव-महोदयः | Timing Saturdays 11:00 AM EST (USA) / Saturdays 9:30 PM IST (INDIA) and Sunday (often) at that same time.

Here you will get the sound files for our Spoken Sanskrit class for those in class 23.


ध्वनिमुद्रणम्‌ Link to slides (or book page number/homework/notes)
 Class recording-1_bhavataḥNāma-asti-nāsti  Homework1
 Class recording-2_tadetat-atrasarvatra  ABHYĀSAPUSTAKAṀ 1.2,1.2 1.2, 1.6
 Class Recording-3_tasya-etasyāḥ-nadyāḥ  ABHYĀSAPUSTAKAṀ 1.9
 Class Recording-4_kridāpadāni-Saṁkhyā1-10  ABHYĀSAPUSTAKAṀ 2.2 , 2.3, 2.4and
 Class Recording-5_saṁkhyā-Samaya-Bahuvacanaṁ  ABHYĀSAPUSTAKAṀ 3.2 and 4.2
 Class Recording-6_bahuvacanam-kriyapadani  4.2, , , table in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-7_kati-sentence  5.1 and 5.3in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-8_kadā_Hyaḥ_Karama  5.4-5.6 and 7.1 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-9_taṁ_tāṁ_tat_bhavantaṁ  7.2 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-10_purataḥ_antaḥ-vahiḥ  8.2and  8.2in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-11_śīghraṁ-mandaṁ_kimarthaṁ  9.2 and 10.1 इ in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-12_bhūtakālarūpāṇi  All from 11.1 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-13_āsti-āsīt-santi  11.3 आ in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-13_bhaviṣyatkālarūpāṇi  13.2 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-14_sambodhanarūpāṇi  15.2 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-15_yadi-tarhi_taḥ-paryantaṁ  15.2 and 16.1 आ in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-16_yadā-tadā_ekaṁ-dve  17.1, 18.1 and 19.1 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-17_Saha_tr̥tīyā  19.2आ in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-18_Revision 1 Test 1
Class Recording-19_Revision 2 Test 1
Class Recording-20_Revision 3 Test 1
 Class Recording-22_Revision 4 Test 1
Class Recording-20_Vinā_smaḥ  20.1आ  in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
Class Recording-21_āgāmi_ktvā-_vaṁśaparicayaḥ  25.2 and 26.2 in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-21_īdr̥śaḥ-tādr̥śaḥ-viruddhārthakāḥ-śabdāḥ  29.1 and 30.1  in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording-23_apekṣayā_yatra-tatra  32.1आ in Abhyāsapustakaṁ
 Class Recording -24_tumun_cet_yataḥ  Self introduction in Sanskrit (6-10 lines)
 Class Recording-25_yat-tat_yadyapi-tathāpi  Whole Abhyāsapustakaṁ revision and memories the words form

75-76 pg. in Abhyāsapustakaṁ

 Class Recording-25.1_Doubt Clearance 1   Test 2
 Class Recording-25.2_Doubt Clearance 2  Reviewand feedback
Class Recording 26


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