भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः ३३ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #33)

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भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः ३३ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #33)

अत्र भाषितसंस्कृतं २०१९ (Spoken Sanskrit  2019) इत्यस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणानि | शिक्षिकः आराविन्दा-भगिनी |

Here you will get the sound files for our Spoken Sanskrit class for those in class 33.

L1 - AbhYasa_Pustakam - अभ्यासपुस्तकम्

वर्गस्य ध्वनिमुद्रणम्‌ (आराविन्दा-भगिन्या चालितवर्गः) Link to slides (or करपत्रम्‌ / पृष्ठसंख्या / गृहपाठः / टिप्पणी / book page number/homework/notes)
001_mama_nama_2020-3-2_Audio Homework - Eshah, Sah, Eshaa, Saa, Etat, Tat - 2 sentences each with new names/words.
002_Atra_Tatra_Anyatra_2020-3-9_Audio Homework - Atra, Tatra, Kutra, Anyatra, Sarvatra, Ekatra - practice.
002_Atra_Tatra_Anyatra_2020-3-9_Video Plus Abhyasa Pusthakam pages 4,5,6,7,8
003_Etasya_Etasayaha_2020-3-16_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 11
003_Etasya_Etasayaha_2020-3-16_Video Find Sanksrit words for Kitchen items mentioned in email
004_KitchenItems_Etasya_Etasayaha_2020-3-23_Audio Please revise Abhyasapusthakam pages 9 to 12 (2.1a)
004_KitchenItems_Etasya_Etasayaha_2020-3-23_Video Please fill in the blanks given in the 2 attached files in the email
005_Sya_Syaha_kriyapadani_2020_3-30_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 12,13
 005_Sya_Syaha_Kriyapadani_2020_3_30_Video Please complete homework for E-karanth strilinga words as mentioned in email
006_pathami_pathatu_kriyapadani_2020_4_06_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 12,14,15
006_pathami_pathatu_kriyapadani_2020_4_06_Video Please fill in the blanks given in the 2 attached files in the email
007_kriyapadani_samayaha_2020_4_13_Audio Please fill in the blanks given in the attached file in the email
 007_kriyapadani_samayaha_2020_4_13_Video Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 16, 17
008_sankhya_samayaha_2020_4_20_Audio Please revise Abhyasapusthakam pages 14 to 16
008_sankhya_samayaha_2020_4_20_Video Please answer the questions file sent in email
009_bahuvachanam_2020_4_27_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 19 4.2a, 4.2aa
 009_bahuvachanam_2020_4_27_Video Please make 6 sentences describing your and a family member's daily routine .
010_Dinacharya_revision_2020_5_4_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 20
 010_Dinacharya_revision_2020_5_4_Video Please make sentences using अत्र, तत्र, कुत्र, सर्वत्र, अन्यत्र, एकत्र
011_Atra_Tatra_revision_bahuvachana_2020_5_11_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 21,22,23
  012_Kati_Raama_shadH_2020_5_18_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 23,24,25
013_Kadaa_Latha_shadH_2020_5_25_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 26,27
014_Dwitiya_Vbkt_Vidyalam_2020_6_01_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 29,30
015_Itaha_Kutaha_2020_6_08_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 31,32,33,34
016_Kimartham_Pathitavan_2020_6_15_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 35,36,37,38
017_Bhutakala_vanara_katha_2020_6_22_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 39,40,41
018_Lakaraha_Bhavishyat_2020_6_29_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 41,42,43
 019_Cha_Eva_Api_Iti_2020_7_6_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 44,45,46,47
020_Tritiya_vibhakti_2020_7_13_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 50,51,52,53
021_Balakanda_exercise_2020_7_20_Audio (Sanjeev mahodaya's) Sulabha BaalaKaanda exercise document sent in email
022_Vina_Yavat_Tavat_2020_7_27_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 53,54,55
 023_Yatha_Tatha_Ruchi_2020_8_3_Audio  Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 56,57,58
024_Aaranyakanda_exercise_2020_8_10_Audio (Sanjeev mahodaya's) AaranyaKaanda exercise completed
025_Eedrusha_Apekshaya_2020_8_17_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 62,63,64,65,66
026_LastHW_Ki-kanda_2020_8_24_Audio (Sanjeev mahodaya's) BalaKishkindaKaanda exercise completed
027_Tumun_Kila_2020_8_31_Audio Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 67,68,69
 028_Chet_Tathapi_2020_9_07_Audio  Abhyasa Pustakam - Page 70,71,72,73,74


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