भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः ३५ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #35)

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भाषितसंस्कृतम्‌ - वर्गः ३५ (Spoken Sanskrit Class #35)

Welcome to the Spoken Sanskrit Classes of Session #6 conducted by Sanjeev Majalikar.

Shiksha Class - October 2020 (Completed)

11 Yamas 5-Dec-20 Audio Video
10 Visarga and other letters 28-Nov-20 Audio Video
9 Consonants,ऋ,लृ,प्लुत,अनुस्वार 22-Nov-20 Audio Video
8 Consonants - Part 3 21-Nov-2020 Audio Video
7 Interim Revision Class 14-Nov-20 Audio Video
6 Consonants - Part 2 7-Nov-20 Audio Video
5 Consonants - Part 1 31-Oct-20 Audio Video
4     Vowels - Part 2 24-Oct-20 Audio Video
3 Vowels - Part 1 17-Oct-2020 Audio Video
2 Importance 10-Oct-2020 Audio Video
1 Introduction 3-Oct-20 Audio Video

Recordings of Spoken Sanskrit Level-1 December 2019-September 2020 (Completed)

037_यद्यपि,गत,किल,वा-2020-09-18 Audio   Video Final Class Link to the slides-Part 1   
036_यत्र,यथा,यदा,यतः,यावत्-2020-09-11 Audio   Video Link to the slides-Part 2
035_अद्यतन,श्वस्तन,अन्तः,बहिः-2020-09-04 Audio   Video
034_संख्याः, समयः-2020-08-28 Audio   Video
033_भूतकाले स्म, भविष्यत्-कालः-2020-08-14 Audio   Video
032_भूतकालः-2020-08-07 Audio   Video
031_संबोधनम्_किमर्थम्-2020-07-31 Audio   Video
030_ल्यप्-तुमुन्-2020-07-24 Audio   Video
029_क्त्वा-प्रत्ययः-2020-07-17 Audio   Video
028_बहुवचनविश्लेषणम्-2020-07-10 Audio   Video
027_बहुवचनम्-2020-07-03 Audio   Video
026_विभक्तिविश्लेषणम्-2020-06-26 Audio   Video
025_वचनम्-णत्वम्-2020-06-19 Audio   Video
024_द्विवचनम्-बहुवचनम्-2020-06-12 Audio   Video Homework
023_विशेषणम् कथा-2020-06-05 Audio  Video
022_विशेषणम् उदाहरणानि-2020-05-29 Audio  Video
021_विभक्तिपरिचयः अव्ययः च-2020-05-22 Audio  Video
020_सप्तमीविभक्तिपरिचयः-2020-05-15 Audio   Video
019_विभक्तिपरिचयः-2020-05-08 Audio   Video
018_द्विवचनम्-बहुवचनम्-2020-05-01 Audio   Video
017_आज्ञा/प्रार्थनावाचक-क्रियापदानि_2020-04-24 Audio   Video
016_विशेषणम्/विशेष्यम्_2020-04-17 Audio   Video
015_द्वितीया विभक्तिः_2020-04-10 Audio  Video
014_क्रियापदानि-2_2020-04-03 Audio   Video
013_क्रियापदानि-1_2020-03-27 Audio   Video
012_पुष्पस्य उमायाः नद्याः_2020-03-20 Audio  Video
011_रामस्य_2020-03-13 Audio   Video Link to online homework (पुंलिङ्ग-रामस्य)
010_रामस्य पुष्पस्य उमायाः नद्याः_2020-02-07 Audio   Video
009_रामस्य पुष्पस्य उमायाः नद्याः_2020-01-31 Audio   Video
008_किम् तर्हि रामस्य पुष्पस्य_2020-01-24 Audio   Video
007_किम् अत्र तत्र_2020-01-17 Audio   Video Link to online homework-3

Video on pronunciation of र,ऋ,ल,लृ

006_अस्ति नास्ति_2020-01-10 Audio  Video Link to online homework-2
005_अन्ये शब्दाः_2020-01-03 Audio  Video Link to online homework-1, abhyAsapustakam page#5
004_सा एषा का_2019-12-27 Audio  Video Homework - all the words
003_तत् एतत् किम्_2019-12-20 Audio  Video
002_सः एषः कः_2019-12-13  Audio  Video Homework Slides - सः एषः कः
001_Introduction_2019-12-06  Audio  Video
Special Revision Class Recordings
04R_लिङ्गम् अत्र तत्र_2020-03-06 Audio  Video Link to online homework-3
04R_लिङ्गम् अत्र तत्र_2020-03-06 Audio  Video Homework - all the words, Homework-1,  Homework-2
03R_अन्ये शब्दाः_2020-02-28 Audio  Video Link to the text book Abhyasa Pustakam   Link to the slides
02R_सः एषः कः_2020-02-21 Audio  Video
01R_वर्णमाला_2020-02-14 Audio   Video


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