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posted Apr 23, 2016, 9:53 AM by Swarup Bhai

To All NamaskaaraH,

This past January, a new series of to-the-point practical teachings in Samskrita-Vyakaranam was begun. This series took the form of weekly letters sent out to our bhAShApAka class googlegroups. The topics were originally developed by Shivakumari Bhagini and Usa Bhaginii in India; Raksha Bhagini then worked on them with the help of Shivakumari Bhagini, to create easy-to-understand letters on each topic.

This series has now been made into a blog site--"The Practical Teacher"-- situated within our Samskrita Vyakaranam website. Blog site means that each new letter which is posted, gets added to the same blog page and in a top-down manner such that the most recent posting always appears on top. In this way you get a running sequence of letters in the style of a blog. The newest post is at the top, and the oldest post, at the bottom.

Please come and have a look at the new blog page here:

12. vyAvahArikii-shikShikA

Going forward, Raksha Bhagini will be posting a new letter every week. Because these are practical teachings in grammar and usage, we felt it would be beneficial to send to all of you as well.

The letter posted here each week will present that week's question, and a hot-link to the answer on the blog site. For example, here is a sample question:

सः निद्राणवान् इति प्रयोक्तव्यम् उत सः निद्रितवान् ?

So you can read the question, think about what you think the answer may be, and then click on the link to read the answer and explanation. And there on the blog page you'll have access to scroll through all the previous letters as well. Notice that there is an index at the top, listing all the posts in sequential time order from first to last, so that you can select any one you like and the post will directly open for you to read.

We hope you'll find these letters practical, useful, and interesting.