Gr2 Spoken Sanskrit Session 04 (Non-Indian Language Speakers)

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Here you will get the sound files for our Spoken Sanskrit class, Session 04. Teacher: Geetanjali Bhagini

Class Recording      Link to slides (or book page number/homework/notes)
001-Introduction-Audio-2021-10-23. 5 locations for stop sounds, books worth purchasing
002-characteristics of consonants-Audio-2021-10-30 5 locations for stop sounds
003-three essential characteristics of consonants-video-2021-11-13.mp4
004-25 stop consonants-4 semi vowels-video-2021-11-20.mp4 25 stop consonants.mp3

5 locations in mouth

005-ka kha ga gha nga ya ra la va devanagari- video-2021-12-4.mp4 (the video is only on at certain times in class, otherwise it a sound file)
006-ganesha chant_ch-chha-audio.mp3

006_a-A-i-I-u-U devanagari-video-2021-12-11.mp4
007_त् थ् ति थि_sadA shiva samArambhAm chant_2021-12-18.mp4
008_इ ई उ ऊ alpa-mahA prANa_2022-1-1.mp4
009_ट ठ ड ढ ण_2022-1-10.mp4
010_reading practice_ka varga_semivowels_2022-1-16.mp4
011_क का कि की कु कू कृ कॄ के कै को कौ कं क_2022-1-23.mp4
012_devanagari word reading practice_2022-1-30


013_reading_conjoint letters_kSa-tra-jna.2022-2-6.mp4
014_three genders in Sanskrit_2022-2-13.mp4 Abhyaasa Pustakam page 1
015_एष स M एषा सा F एतत् तत् N अस्ति is_2022-2-20.mp4 Abhyaasa Pustakam pages 1-3
016_समीपे चेत् एष​ एषा एतत् -दूरे चेत्- बालकौ बालकाH_2022-2-27.mp4 Level 1 vAkya vyavahAra book pages 1-5
017_प्रातिपदिकम् आ-कार​-अन्त स्त्रीलिङ्गम् पुंलिङ्गम् नपुंसकलिङ्गम्_2022-3-6.mp4 Level 1 vAkya vyavahAra book pages 6-11
018_maatraa_sandhi_ya_va_va?_aam_na_2022-3-13.mp4 Abhyaasapustakam page 4
019_noun-root_verb-root_asti_2022-3-27.mp4 Ling AbhyAsaH karapatram
020_noun-adjective_1st-2nd-3rd person opposite from english_2022-4-3.mp4
Easter no class
021_7 vibhaktis or noun cases_2022-5-1.mp3 reference - shabda manjari
022_What is vibhakti and what is prAtipadikam_2022-5-8.mp4


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