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posted Sep 21, 2019, 5:30 PM by Swarup Bhai

Sarvebhyo namaH

A number of people have expressed interest in starting a new Paniniiya Vyakarana varga, and so a new session has started this week. All those who are interested to participate, kindly send me a brief email. I encourage you to let your friends and study companions know; you may send me their email addresses and/or pass this email on to them so that they can also contact me to register.

All lessons are to be found on our website:

Kindly contact me at Swarup <> to register.

Classes are run via conference call; has access numbers in all major countries of the world, so people are welcome from India as well as England, Australia, other nations of Europe etc.

Don't miss this great opportunity to start from the beginning of the course!

Hari Om,


NB The below two books are quite useful to have as reference during the course:




In India:



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Smt Puspa Dixit ji has developed a unique approach to learning Paniniiya Vyakaranam based on the thought processes underlying Astadhyayii. The result is a way to mastery of Panini's unique grammar; the path is easy and fun. It stands in distinct contrast to the traditional approach in Siddhanta Kaumudii which students find difficult and inefficient. Come join us and find out what this new, revolutionary approach to Paniniiya Vyakaranam is all about!


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Also we have multiple classes conducted via conference call, on the subjects of Paniniiya Vyakaranam, Nyaya shastram, and also a bhAShA-varga for those wanting to refine their language skills. All classes are free, and people can join from anywhere in the world via local phone call or internet, whichever is more convenient. For class schedules and connect info, click here.

To join a class, or for any questions feel free to contact Swarup <>.