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Our phone class has been going on for two several years now, on various grammar-related subjects. It started with Hegde-Mahodaya's bhAShApAkaH vol I, hence the name of the varga. After completing that text, we read part of Hegde-Mahodaya' shuddhi-kaumudI, then covered a variety of subjects related with dhAtugaNas and guNaH. The handouts from that series have now become the first section of this site, "1-[[01---dhAtugaNaparicayah/2---dhAtugaNa-paricayaH|धातुगण-परिचयः]]". Following that, we read a number of chapters of Hegde-Mahodaya's bhAShApAkaH vol II. That brought us through December 2012. January 2013 was mAtA's varga, and on my return to the US in March 2013 we began studying mAtA's dhAtu-pAThaH together. Since March 2013 we have been engaged in this very subject.</big>
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A third text of mAtAji's which I have made extensive use of is her अष्टाध्यायी सहजबोध | This is a foursix-volume text, in Hindi, which divides the explanation of अष्टाध्यायी into foursix sections: सार्वधातुकप्रकरणम्‌, आर्धधातुकप्रकरणम्‌, कृदन्तप्रकरणम्‌, तद्धितप्रकरणम्‌, सुबन्तप्रकरणम्, कारकसमासप्रकरणम्, | It is truly excellent, and presents the अष्टाध्यायी in a way that all can understand.</big>
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