02 - योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् 2024

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२०२४ इति वर्षे योग-निष्ठ-जीवनस्य नूतनवर्गाः आरभ्यन्ते | एषां ध्वनिमुद्रणानि अधस्तनपुटेषु लभ्यन्ते |

There are different sessions of these classes. Each meets once per week for 90 minutes. Each covers the same material; yet as each session is taught by a different teacher, so the pace of the class may vary slightly from one session to the next. All classes are recorded, and these recordings can be accessed and listened to via the links given along side of this very web-page. Kindly see the various pages below--one for each teacher.

Sessions on योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम्

वर्गः शिक्षकः/शिक्षिका समयावलि: ध्वनिमुद्रणम्
Session 01 - Hindi Onkar Krishna Mahodaya Fri 8:00 AM EST ( USA) / Fri 5:30 PM IST (INDIA) योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् - session 01
Session 02- English Hrdayesh Mahodaya Sat 10:00 PM EST (USA) / Sun 7:30 AM IST (INDIA) योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् - session 02
Session 03- English Madhuratama Mahodaya Sun 12:30 AM EST, Sat 9:30 PM PST (USA) / Sun 10:00 AM IST (INDIA) योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् - session 03
Session 04- Samskritam Vidhatrii Bhagini Sun 9:15 AM EST (USA) / Mon 06:45 PM IST (INDIA) योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् - session 04
Session 05- English Vidhatrii Bhagini Sat 9:30 PM EST 6:30 PM PST (USA) / Sun 7:00 AM IST (INDIA) योग-निष्ठ-जीवनम् - session 05